Woodwork Builder: the City

Icon1flHere we are with new art, music and levels.  Keep in mind you have a staple available, sometimes you won’t be able to complete the level without using it.

Yes, we’re back on Flash :)


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Hungry Barnyard

IconBLooks like the game marked goes down, but we keep working :)  Here is our latest game – Hungry Barnyard.  It’s a HTML5-version of our old Flash game Hungry Insects.

Total is 7,5 with 8 for fun, art and quality.  Why you spoiled creatures don’t like my music???


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Icon1We keep learning HTML5 (me and Kestorr).  Here is our new game.

Basically we’re repeating our way with Flash – small physics puzzle games with geometric figures as main characters.  Now we’re going to have a week off and then – start working on something new, more complicated.  But with physics of course.

Well, my new PC is on the way.  My current one is 7 years old, good old Core2Duo and XP.  It still works fine, but music software and plugins are so heavy on using PC resources that I’m getting tired fighting those glitches.

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DogSiteMy friend decided to open his own gaming portal.

As you can guess from the site’s name, the majority of the games there are based on physics.

And yes, you can play most of the games with my art there too.


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Plane Float


I hate HTML5.  Hate working with those sprite-shits.  But my friend decided to learn coding, so here we are.

Videoreview from FGL is here.  The game to play is here.

Yes, the music is mine.  A reviewer gave us… 7 for sound.  What an asshole.  I’m getting tired of it…

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